What is Smallball?

In baseball, the term “small ball” refers to an offensive strategy that’s used to score a run in a smooth, deliberate way. It requires thought, precision and coordination of tactics. At Smallball, we developed a tool to help marketers apply the same concept to their brand. Branded sticker packs and emojis are a strategic and essential component of an overall marketing plan. Take your brand to new heights with a powerful asset that lets you reach your audience in a place you haven’t been able to before.

Custom Emojis and Stickers with Smallball

Custom emojis and stickers allow brands to connect with potential customers on a more intimate level. With more than 200k messages sent around the world every second, stickers are an easy way to keep your brand top-of-mind without asking your customers to sign up or share information. Smallball makes it easy to design and launch your sticker pack without having to dedicate in-house resources.

6 Billion

Stickers sent around the world every day on mobile messaging apps.

2.7 Billion

Current estimated number of iPhone and Android users.

3-5 Minutes

Average amount of time a user spends per session with sticker packs.

Our Values

Community is a cornerstone to the Smallball brand. Everything we do stems from our passion to build connections among people and groups with shared interests. Whether it’s helping a brand better engage with its customers or empowering a non-profit to reach new supporters, Smallball strives to bridge the gap between a business and its audience.

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