Tap-to-Engage: How We Create Unique Digital Experiences

Chris Hill

November 20, 2018

We now live in the Experience Economy where consumers increasingly prefer to spend their money on building memories rather than purchasing products. In fact, a recent McKinsey consumer survey revealed, “the average millennial outspends the average Gen Xer and baby […]

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How Custom Emojis Can Enhance Your Brand Activations

Chris Hill

August 2, 2018

Everything today is about creating a meaningful and memorable brand experience. Done well, an activation provides a unique opportunity for your customers, fans, and communities to get to know your brand through interaction. Done very well, an activation has the […]

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World Emoji Day: The History of Emojis, As Told By Emojis

July 17, 2018

World Emoji Day Blog Header Image

Happy World Emoji Day! Over the past decade emojis and stickers have become the language of the digital age, constantly evolving and continuously being integrated into our regular communications. You probably remember when these symbols were simply a set of […]

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Motivating Millennial Givers With Messaging

July 13, 2018

smallball media blog header millennials

Millennials get a bad rap, but they certainly have one thing right: their charitable instincts are strong. A recent survey showed that almost 85% of millennials donated to nonprofits in 2017, mostly on mobile platforms and online. Although those donations […]

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Embracing Digital for Nonprofit Marketing

June 27, 2018

Volunteers taking a selfie

When it comes to nonprofit marketing, some challenges seem to span generations. The need to build awareness today is the same as 50 years ago when organizers were frantically placing ads in newspapers and posting flyers around downtown. Engaging supporters […]

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