Rethinking the Customer Relationship

February 20, 2018

Find tips for improving your customer relationships

Hi, [marketing person], Look, we need to talk. Recently I’ve gotten the impression you’re trying to get my attention. Everywhere I turn I see your brand online. I get your emails, which I almost immediately mark as “read” because I […]

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Digital News: Mobile Messaging Trends (Week of Feb. 5)

February 8, 2018

Check out mobile messaging updates from this week's digital news

We love watching how technology evolves. What begins as a simple, straightforward product often blossoms into a full-scale service platform for businesses and users alike. Mobile messaging is no exception. This week, we’re sharing news about how Apple is making […]

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Download: A Guide to Branded Sticker Packs

February 5, 2018

Smallball's guide to branded stickers

The rate in which messaging apps have grown in the last couple of years is remarkable. According to Business Insider, the amount of monthly users on the top mobile messaging apps have surpassed average monthly social media users on Facebook, […]

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