Digital Strategies for Increasing Brand Awareness

Brand awareness: a fundamental goal for marketers at companies of all sizes. When audiences tuned into the same three networks for nightly news, putting your brand in front of them was easy. A :30 second spot with a catchy tagline was sufficient for getting your customers familiar with your new product or service. Fast forward to 2018, when cord-cutting, mobile messaging, social media and various other channels stand between you and your target audience. In today’s increasingly segmented market, companies of all sizes  are challenged with finding the most efficient, cost-effective strategy to build brand awareness in a crowded marketplace.

While increasing brand awareness isn’t as simple as it used to be, it’s not a lost cause. This probably comes as no surprise, but the scale and targeting capabilities of digital marketing make it ideal for putting your brand in front of the right audience. Here are three digital strategies you can implement to grow your brand’s reach and awareness:

Social Media

The power of social media is undeniable. When used strategically, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat and more have the ability to drive awareness and affinity for your brand. To be successful, high-quality content is key. Think video, professional photography and other resources that your audience will find helpful. Brands using social media to promote their business have two options: organic or paid.

  • Organic social media content: Free to post and limited in reach, organic content is only put in front of your followers and whomever they may share it with. Even then, according to Adweek, a brand’s organic content only reaches 2-3% of its followers. While there’s still value in organic content, Facebook’s latest announcement to de-emphasize content from brands and publishers will seriously affect companies that rely solely on the platform to spread awareness.  
  • Paid social media content: While it requires a spend, paid social media content offers a large reach and detailed targeting that ensures you’re putting your brand in front of your target audience. The tracking and measurement capabilities in paid campaigns help marketers determine the messaging and content that resonates best among customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A long-term strategy that requires unrelenting effort from marketers, SEO is a free way to bring awareness to your brand. A successful SEO strategy will increase your brand’s ranking in search engine results, bringing more people to your website. It’s done through the creation of relevant content, a thoughtful keyword strategy and a user-friendly website. While SEO can be effective, it won’t bring immediate results.

Messaging Apps

For brands seeking to increase awareness and spark meaningful conversations, messaging apps are the way to go. According to Business Insider, messaging apps now have 20% more monthly active users than social media. The intimate nature of messaging apps is less noisy than social media, making it our preferred strategy for effectively increasing brand awareness. With many turnkey options, including branded sticker packs and emoji keyboards, it’s easy for brands to enter the messaging space.

Tell us: what’s keeping your brand from reaching your target audience? With messaging apps, you can increase awareness while building meaningful relationships with your customers. Contact Smallball to learn more about our branded sticker packs and emoji keyboards.

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