Branded Stickers: A Crash Course On the Latest Marketing Tool

Let’s face it: emojis have revolutionized the way we communicate through messaging apps. Whether your go-to is the laughing with tears of joy face, or you’re more of a smiling with heart eyes kind of texter, the little digital icons are infiltrating inboxes across the world. And with branded sticker packs, brands can (finally) get in on the fun.

Defining Sticker Packs
So, what are sticker packs? As opposed to the short-lived branded emoji keyboards, stickers are an easy-to-access, customizable solution for marketers who want to interact with their customers on widely-used messaging apps. With a custom pack of stickers, brands can give fans a fun tool to use in their messages to friends while driving awareness (and sometimes revenue) for the brand. Companies from Disney to Starbucks are among the latest to take part in the sticker pack trend.

How It Works
From development to launching in the App Store, the process of developing a sticker pack for your brand is simple. Sticker companies take the work off of marketers by designing a collection of custom graphics and packaging them into an app that customers can download. If revenue generation is important to your organization, you can elect to charge customers to download the app. For an awareness play, brands might decide to give their loyalists the sticker pack for free.

How Stickers Help Marketers
As audiences are increasingly communicating through messaging apps, it’s crucial for brands to be a part of this medium. Think about it: 41 billion messages are sent from smartphones every day. With branded stickers, your company has the ability to reach your customers where they are.

Compared to other channels of communication, messaging apps have an intimate nature. The messaging space isn’t cluttered with other brands, so your brand has an opportunity to engage with customers and build awareness when they’re most receptive. Branded stickers seamlessly integrate your brand into this space and allow you to connect with your audience in a meaningful way.

Are you interested in learning how you can make branded stickers a part of your marketing strategy? Smallball creates custom sticker packs for brands that want to deepen their connection with their fans and build awareness among their target customers. Contact Smallball today to get started.

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