Branded Stickers for a Nonprofit

Case Study: Legacy Parks Foundation

Custom stickers and emojis are a versatile marketing tool that can be helpful for just about any brand category. Clothing retailer? You bet. Food and beverage company? 100 percent. Nonprofit? Absolutely! With each sticker pack designed to meet your unique needs, branded stickers can help your business share its story and engage with customers through messaging apps.

Smallball’s latest project with Legacy Parks Foundation is an example of how branded stickers can advance the cause marketing initiatives for a nonprofit. As an organization committed to providing the East Tennessee community with opportunities to enjoy nature, Legacy Parks Foundation was interested in increasing brand awareness and engagement with fans. In partnering with Smallball, Legacy Parks created a sticker app to meet its marketing goals.

The Opportunity

The Legacy Parks Foundation’s mission is to “Leave East Tennessee better than we found it.” The nonprofit relies on its donors to preserve the area and develop outdoor spaces for local residents to enjoy recreational activities. While Legacy Parks has developed 500 acres of parkland in the Knoxville community that’s extremely popular among residents and visitors, the nonprofit wanted to give its supporters a new way to engage with its parks and encourage others to spend time enjoying nature.

The Solution: Legacy Parks Sticker App

Working with Smallball, Legacy Parks Foundation developed a sticker pack app with branded stickers that showcase the nonprofit’s parks and recreational activities that visitors can enjoy. Smallball designed custom stickers that aligned with the brand and helped share the nonprofit’s story, and we packaged them into a downloadable app. The app lets fans share stickers with their friends in messages, giving Legacy Parks an opportunity to organically enter conversations in a non-intrusive way.

Through the sticker pack app, Legacy Parks provided its fans and donors with a way to engage with the nonprofit and spread awareness among the community. From talking about specific parks to encouraging others to spend time enjoying the outdoors, the branded stickers give supporters a fun tool to promote and talk about the nonprofit.

Stickers to Promote Outdoor Spaces

Branded Stickers for Nonprofit

Stickers to Promote Activities

Branded Stickers for Nonprofit

Is your brand looking for a new way to reach your audience, increase awareness or engage with customers? Branded stickers are a powerful tool that can be integrated into your brand’s overall marketing strategy. Contact Smallball for a fast, turnkey solution to put your business into the messaging space.

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