Use Case: Using Stickers for a Sports Team

Sports has a way of bringing people together — or creating a friendly riff, for that matter. Whether you’re a die-hard fan, athlete or casual observer, we eagerly “brand” ourselves with our favorite team. Car decals, clothing, home decorations — nothing is off limits when it comes to showing the world who we root for. Who hasn’t walked through an airport and befriended a complete stranger all because they’re donning your team’s gear? Or texted a friend some colorful commentary during the playoff game? With those points in mind, here are three ways branded stickers can help your team hit a home run with fans.

Build awareness

Branded stickers are a great way for sports teams to build awareness because they’re being shared in a space that’s still seeing huge growth. In fact, messaging apps have already eclipsed monthly social media use and it’s expected that the total number of users worldwide will swell to almost 2.5 billion by 2021. And much of that growth is in South American and Asian countries, where many sports teams are looking to make a dent in the market.

Getting personal

Texting provides a better and quicker way to connect with those around you. With branded stickers, it’s easy to lament your team’s missed field goal to a friend and add some visual punch to your group messages. It’s an opportunity for brands to reach fans on a more personal level and become part of the conversation.

Ease of use

Among the many reasons why stickers are ideal for sports teams is that they’re incredibly easy for fans to use. Once a sticker pack has been downloaded, the user simply selects a sticker within their messaging app to share. There are no keyboards to download and install and no extra apps to open. Details like game locations, rosters and opponents are always changing and stickers allow teams to easily share updates with fans, unlike emojis, which have limited customization and can take months to update.

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