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Do you ever feel like it’s impossible to keep up with the latest news happening in the digital world? With updates to social media platforms occurring virtually daily and the ongoing development of tools that change the way consumers communicate, merely staying up-to-date on digital news can be a full-time job. It’s almost like you need an expert in digital communication… you know, someone who works in it every day and shares the most important information so that you can get on with your day. Enter: Smallball Media’s new blog series.

Our Now Trending blog series is designed to share the most relevant digital news headlines. From new apps that are shaping the way customers interact on their mobile devices to the latest social media news and interesting case studies, we’ll give you takeaways that your brand can use to better reach and engage with your audience.

An Easier Way to Pay

As customers are moving to messaging apps to connect with their friends, brands are racing to keep up. And with all of the capabilities and tools that messaging apps offer, it’s easy to see why. PayPal recently announced a partnership with Facebook that allows app users to send buyers invoices on the Facebook Messenger platform. Yesterday, Apple announced the rollout of Apple Pay Cash on the Messages app. The new feature makes it easier than ever to send and receive payments from friends using credit card information that’s already stored in the Apple Pay app.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Live Stream Alone

If the last couple of years have taught us anything about video, it’s that live content is king. Digital audiences love the in-the-moment nature of live streaming, and social media platforms are making it easier for users to create and share their own live video content. With Instagram’s latest announcement, app users can invite their followers to join their live video while streaming. If the person accepts the request, the video screen will display both video participants side-by-side on the screen.

Mind-Blowing Messaging Stats

To mark the 25th anniversary of the first SMS text message, Facebook commissioned a study that looked into the use of messaging apps and how they’ve impacted the way we communicate. While the full article is worth a read, these were some of the most interesting findings that highlight the ways in which our communication is evolving:

  • Messaging use is on the rise. Eighty percent of adults and 91% of teens message every day (Source: Facebook)
  • Audiences love visual communication. According to Facebook’s study, “people who frequently communicate with visuals have more ‘great conversations’ compared to those who don’t use visuals as often.” (Source: Facebook)
  • Emojis and GIFs aren’t just for kids. In fact, 77% percent of people 55+ use emojis when they communicate. (Source: Facebook)

We know it’s hard to keep up in the every-changing world of digital marketing. As experts in the space, Smallball is dedicated to partnering with you to help your brand harness the opportunities of digital messaging. To learn more about our solutions, contact Smallball today!

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