Digital News: Mobile Messaging Trends (Week of Feb. 5)

We love watching how technology evolves. What begins as a simple, straightforward product often blossoms into a full-scale service platform for businesses and users alike. Mobile messaging is no exception. This week, we’re sharing news about how Apple is making it easier than ever for customers to connect with businesses, Samsung’s expected jump into the messaging space and the best games available for iMessage.  

All fun and games

Games have been hugely popular between iMessage users since Apple opened up the platform to third parties with the rollout of iOS 10.  With that in mind, Mashable released The Hidden Games of iMessage video, which highlights a range of games that are perfect for passing the time or challenging a friend. Mobile messaging aficionados can choose between classic games like Boggle and bowling to one that allows them to wager friendly bets on a game of air hockey. Best of all, there’s no need to leave iMessage to join in on the fun.

Getting down to business

Apple is serious about taking on mobile messaging giants like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and WeChat. Their appropriately named Business Chat service is expected to launch soon with the iOS 11.3 update. Hilton, Discover, Wells Fargo and Lowe’s are the first companies to sign on to the new B2C option, allowing users to directly connect within iMessage. The biggest appeal to consumers may be the possibility of reaching their favorite brands at any time for things like customer service inquiries and scheduling appointments.

Apple may be finding themselves playing catch up with the other messaging apps, but they have the luxury of placing iMessage on every phone they sell.

Is Samsung getting the message?

Rumor has it that Samsung could be the latest company to jump in on the mobile messaging fun. A newly-filed patent using the title “Uhssup” was registered as a mobile application. According to the tech news website, Android Headlines, the mobile messaging app may be more versatile than their current offerings. Details are scarce on exact uses, devices, and when it would launch.

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