Download: A Guide to Branded Sticker Packs

The rate in which messaging apps have grown in the last couple of years is remarkable. According to Business Insider, the amount of monthly users on the top mobile messaging apps have surpassed average monthly social media users on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. As marketers, this can be both exciting and fear-inducing. While the growth of messaging apps marks a major opportunity to engage with customers in a new way, few brands have a strategy for entering the mobile messaging space. Enter: branded sticker packs.

At Smallball Media, we’ve developed a turnkey, fast-to-market solution that puts brands directly into the mobile messaging conversations their customers are having. Our sticker packs and emoji keyboards will help your brand increase awareness and spark meaningful connections with your target audience. Whether you’ve never heard of sticker packs or you’re interested in learning how they’ll work for your brand, use our comprehensive guide to find out everything you need to know about the latest mobile messaging tool.
Guide to branded sticker packs

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