Download: Tips for Promoting Your Sticker Pack

Launching a new sticker pack is the first step in building a meaningful community around your brand. Next, it’s important to develop a plan for promoting your sticker pack. After your app hits the App Store, you should have a strategy for spreading the word. Chances are, your customers will be eager to use your branded assets in their mobile messages, but they won’t know unless you share the good news.

It’s clear that sticker packs are a great way to build brand awareness, but what’s not always so clear is how to promote your new stickers. We recommend building promotion of your sticker pack into your overall digital marketing strategy. With a combination of social media efforts, blog posts and website optimizations, you can ensure that your customers know about your new sticker pack. Using our knowledge of sticker pack marketing, we’ve developed a guide to jumpstart your efforts. Fill out the form below for a free download!

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