Embracing Digital for Nonprofit Marketing

When it comes to nonprofit marketing, some challenges seem to span generations. The need to build awareness today is the same as 50 years ago when organizers were frantically placing ads in newspapers and posting flyers around downtown. Engaging supporters and receiving donations are two other tried-and-true issues that stand the test of time. Conversely, technology and marketing best practices have evolved at a blistering pace. Never before have there been so many tools at the disposal of the organization to meet challenges head-on. Are you keeping up?

Talking the Talk

The Unicode Consortium (a nonprofit by the way), has rolled out over 2,800 emojis for use in text, emails, social posts and pretty much anywhere else a keyboard can type a message. The emoji onslaught is for a reason, too. Emoji use in marketing increased by 775% in 2016 and we can safely assume those stats have only grown. Another plus for emojis is that they break down language barriers by being easy to understand. As mobile usage eclipses desktop and organizations take on a much wider footprint in search for more passionate volunteers to join the cause, quick, understandable and appealing communications provide a clear way forward for nonprofit marketing.

Buffer Emoji Image

Courtesy: https://blog.bufferapp.com/social-media-language

Putting the “Fun” in Fundraising

Wildlife protection nonprofit World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) recognized an opportunity to reach out to Gen Y and raise funds with their #EndangeredEmoji campaign. The eye-catching initiative displayed 17 endangered animals in emoji form in a tweet. Followers were urged to retweet WWF’s emojis as a form of a monetary pledge to conservation. WWF would then keep track of how many times the emojis were retweeted and send a suggested donation amount to the user. The innovative campaign worked like a charm for the 57-year-old organization, resulting in 559,000 mentions on Twitter and 59,000 signups from supporters.

Raising Awareness With Innovation

Legacy Parks Foundation, a Knoxville, Tennessee based nonprofit works to preserve outdoor spaces in the area by increasing access to parks, trails and open spaces. As part of their mission, organization leadership asked Smallball Media to create custom stickers to be shared between tech-savvy users in text messages.

“With more than 45 billion messages being exchanged each day in the U.S., we know the way people communicate is changing,” says Carol Evans, executive director of Legacy Parks Foundation.

The stickers were a natural fit for their nonprofit marketing efforts and showcase the swath of activities available to outdoor enthusiasts including, birdwatching, fly fishing, hiking and mountain biking.

Legacy Parks Sticker Examples

Nonprofits are faced with the same challenges as years past, but new tools are widely available to help the cause on many fronts. It’s clear that mobile usage has skyrocketed and the would-be champions for your cause are embracing new technology as fast as it can be produced. Isn’t it time your nonprofit marketing strategy meets their needs? Let’s have a quick conversation and explain how Smallball Media can put your organization in front of followers in a way that’s turnkey and affordable.

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