Four Times Stickers Made Messages Better

When crafting a message to send to your friends, sometimes words alone aren’t enough. Maybe you need a better way to explain a feeling, react to a text or make weekend plans. Certain situations call for more emotion, detail, or oomph than a plain old text. Enter: branded stickers. By navigating to sticker packs from the Messages app on your iPhone, it’s easy to add graphics and emojis that make your conversations more fun and engaging.

With a wide variety of stickers available from your favorite brands, stickers will enhance your messages in any situation. Here are four of our favorite:


When you to make gameday plans with your friends

When you share photos from your epic hike

When you’re trying to get your friends to volunteer

When you want to ask her on a date

Branded stickers can put your product, brand or cause in front of your audience in the intimate messaging space. Whether your customers are using stickers to plan a visit to your restaurant or to cheer on your team, they provide a fun and engaging way to connect with your brand. Are you interested in learning more about how stickers can work for your business? Contact Smallball to learn more.

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