How Custom Emojis Can Enhance Your Brand Activations

Chris Hill

Everything today is about creating a meaningful and memorable brand experience.

Done well, an activation provides a unique opportunity for your customers, fans, and communities to get to know your brand through interaction. Done very well, an activation has the power to inspire which is why our favorite activation this year (so far) was at SXSW by Land O’Lakes. In partnership with Nat Geo and Microsoft and in collaboration with agency Colle McVoy and Civic, Land O’Lakes created a fun, “teachable moment” about food and technology. Seriously, this was absolutely amazing, especially the giant VR infused head of lettuce.

Land 'O Lakes Lettuce Head

Photo Credit: AdWeek

As brands use activations to engage their communities, build new relationships, and establish trust, an opportunity exists to extend and enhance the “activation experience” by providing participants with something they can take with them and use once the activation is over, like a “digital goodie bag.” For this purpose, custom branded emoji stickers are perfect because they allow participants to incorporate the brand into their text messages.

Use Case

Let’s say an outdoor brand did an activation for their winter gear at the Sundance Film Festival. Custom branded emojis could be made available for download during the event so that each participant now has the ability to incorporate emoji versions of that brand’s products into their text messages. With new “smart emojis” that are “tappable”, a brand can program a link into the emoji to direct the emoji user to a webpage, e-commerce product, landing page, video, download, etc.

A brand’s message and interaction with their customers and communities don’t need to end at the activation, rather it can serve as the beginning of the conversation and customer relationship.

At Smallball we believe in helping brands build their communities through “digital word of mouth marketing.” Let us help you enhance your next activation with custom branded emojis!

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