How to Integrate Stickers Into Your Marketing Strategy

Since the inception of branded stickers, smartphone users have been able to take message personalization to a whole new level. From pumpkin spice lattes to Disney characters, the sticker variations are endless. While stickers make a fun addition to any message, they also create an opportunity for brands to engage with their audience in the messaging space. And with messages being sent at an unprecedented rate, it’s essential for your brand to have a presence.

Branded stickers are a powerful tactic that can be applied to your overall marketing strategy. By extending your message to new audiences on the popular platform, stickers are useful in helping your brand achieve its marketing goals. To get you thinking about how stickers can be integrated into your marketing plan, here are some of the objectives they can be used to achieve:

Brand Awareness

Whether your brand is a startup, expanding into new markets or looking to reach a different audience, branded stickers will help you reach your goal. As an ultimate word-of-mouth vehicle, your fans can share your brand with friends and family in the messaging space. Branded stickers can be cross-promoted across all of your marketing efforts to amplify your brand, including website, email and social media channels.

Pro Tip: Develop colorful or animated graphics to make your stickers stand out in a conversation. Adding logos and other brand assets can also be a great way to generate awareness for your brand.

Motivate Volunteers

Branded sticker packs can serve non-profit organizations in a number of ways—one of which is motivating supporters to volunteer. Stickers within your pack can include a call-to-action to volunteer, making it easier than ever for your supporters to send a message encouraging their friends and family to volunteer. Nonprofits can use the stickers on social media and other marketing platforms to mobilize volunteers in a more engaging way.

Pro Tip: Create clickable stickers that link to a donation page on your website.

Increase Engagement

Branded sticker packs include several graphics that are synonymous with your brand and the way your customers interact with it. By providing your audience with a tool to express themselves using your brand’s custom stickers, they’re able to engage in a unique way that other platforms can’t offer. The intimate nature of messaging apps create an opportunity for brands to connect with their customers on a deeper level.

Pro Tip: Release multiple sticker packs to increase customer engagement within your sticker app.

Campaign Promotion

Is your brand launching a new product or initiative? Spread the word to your audience by launching a new sticker pack to feature an upcoming campaign. With your sticker app from Smallball, it’s easy to launch campaign-focused sticker packs that include updated graphics and emojis to highlight your brand’s latest initiative.

Pro Tip: Promote your campaign across your marketing channels by including your stickers in email, social media and other efforts.

Delight Your Fans

There’s no better way to pleasure your loyalists than with a sticker pack that will allow them to express themselves through your brand. Stickers provide fresh, fun content at your fans’ fingertips. By giving them access to an exciting new asset to share with their friends, brand affinity will rise among your core users.

Pro Tip: If you’re charging customers to download your sticker pack, consider giving your loyalists a free download when your sticker pack launches in the App Store.

These are some of the many ways that your brand can use branded stickers within your marketing strategy. At Smallball, we’ll work with you to develop stickers that will help your brand reach its goals. Contact us to learn more.


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