How to Use Branded Stickers to Rally Supporters

Nonprofits are more digital than ever

Nonprofits are getting creative with the ways they engage with supporters and gain advocacy. With new tools and outlets being introduced every day, there are countless methods to use to promote nonprofit events. However, one limitation of digital advocacy is the potential for lackluster emotional engagement from audiences. This limitation even has a name: Slacktivism. In this week’s blog, we share ways of combating “slacktivism” using branded stickers and emoji keyboards.

Combating digital “Slacktivism”

In the digital age, nonprofit organizations have been struggling to combat slacktivism, when users digitally support a cause without taking any sort of physical action or direct support. Likes and Shares on social media can help promote a cause, but when these are the only action someone takes, it doesn’t always amount to the necessary support needed to fund the organization.

The hybrid marketing approach

Finding a happy medium between boots-on-the-ground support and digital efforts, organizations opt for hybrid approaches to promotion. Using online event coordination resources like EventBrite and Facebook events are great for gathering attendees. Organizations also boost engagement during events by encouraging attendees to document their experience with event-specific hashtags, geolocation filters, and live streaming. But there’s another tool nonprofits are turning to when it comes to building engagement and buzz – branded stickers.

Using event emojis and branded stickers

Organizations are able to create and launch custom emojis or branded stickers that are available for users to download. Once users download the sticker pack, they can use them in texts, social media posts, and even add-ons to images in the photos.

Let’s say your cancer research organization is holding a fundraiser 5k. Before the event, the organization uses the custom emojis in social media advertisements and offers the sticker pack download at registration. Moving ahead to the event day and beyond, race participants are able to share the branded emoji with friends and help promote the cause. With the addition of the custom event emojis, the fundraiser participants are able to add value to the brand as well as raise funds.

Adding value with incentives

See how much you can delight your contributors with these simple types of incentives. Try adding branded stickers and emoji keyboards to your list of promotional materials to increase the value of conversations surrounding your organization.

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