From Practical to Entertaining: Our Favorite iMessage Apps

Let’s face it: the creation of the smart phone has transformed the way we communicate. Messaging apps have taken the world by storm, making it easier than ever before to stay connected with friends and family across the globe. As more of our daily conversations happen via text, iMessage apps offer tools to enhance and improve our messages. With thousands of options available, the demand for iMessage apps doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. From practical to entertaining, we’re sharing some of our favorite options.


Have you ever sent someone a rough ETA (estimated time of arrival) of 10 minutes when it actually (and unknowingly) took much longer? By downloading this iMessage app, you can easily and accurately communicate your ETA. The app can connect to your favorite navigation app, including Google Maps, Waze and Apple Maps, and has the ability to update your contact of your ETA as it changes based on traffic patterns. Your friends will be notified of your route, as well as when you will be arriving.

Who’s In

Are you the friend that everybody turns to when it’s time to figure out weekend plans? This fun iMessage app is made to help you plan events with friends. You first pick an activity, then contacts in the chat can RSVP through the app. There is also a built-in search feature, powered by Bing, to help you decide what activity to do and where!

Instant Translate

Parlez-vous français? No? Then this iMessage app is great for you! Whether you’re visiting a foreign country, trying to surpass a language barrier with a friend, or you’re just looking to expand your vocabulary, Instant Translate will be a useful tool in any iMessage communication that you need to translate. This app is user-friendly and makes translating incredibly easy. Choose your language and start typing what you want to be translated within an iMessage conversation.

Emoji Poll

You know those times when you’re in a group conversations with all of your friends and you can’t pick a place for lunch? It often takes so much work to agree on a restaurant that you give up plans altogether. Instead of sifting through several responses or being “that guy” who has to make the final call, wouldn’t it be great if everyone could vote in a poll? The Emoji Poll app will let you share polls and surveys that offer options and answers in the form of emoji. And with so many new food emoji available, there are endless cuisine categories to choose from. The next time you’re stressing about finding the collective opinion of a group chat, don’t fret! Emoji Poll will get to the bottom of it within your iMessage conversation.

Grammar Snob

Ross Geller said it best—Y-O-U-R-E means “You are”, Y-O-U-R means “Your”.  The Grammar Snob app is made for anyone out there considering themselves a faithful officer for the Grammar Police. This iMessage app will let you correct your friends’ grammar (and drive them wonderfully crazy). The app allows you to use a “grade-school like” red marker to fix any grammar mistakes you see fit, alerting (and embarrassing) your chat friend of their grammar faux pas.

iMessage apps continue to offer consumers new and exciting ways to use their smartphone and chat with friends. Stickers are a fun and useful addition to any chat conversation, giving users an opportunity to spice up their messaging. Smallball offers custom digital stickers for businesses and brands. If you are looking to create an iMessage sticker app, contact SmallBall to learn more about our digital stickers and how they can help develop brand identity.

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