Press Release: Legacy Parks Introduces Branded Digital Emoji Stickers

KNOXVILLE, Tenn.Dec. 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Legacy Parks Foundation, an East Tennessee nonprofit organization working to ensure that the community enjoys an outdoor lifestyle, and Smallball Media, a technology company focused on driving digital engagement in new ways, jointly announced the launch of a branded digital emoji sticker pack for iOS devices that encourages peer-to-peer sharing via messaging applications.

The Legacy Parks emojis depict activities including fly fishing, biking, running, hiking and more, allowing users to share their love of Knoxville’s great outdoor spaces with their friends and family directly from their smartphone.

“With more than 45 billion messages being exchanged each day in the U.S., we know the way people communicate is changing,” said Carol Evans, executive director of Legacy Parks Foundation. “This is a way for people to share their outdoor experiences while increasing awareness and encouraging others to take advantage of the beautiful outdoor spaces available to us.”

Woman-owned tech startup Smallball Media—founded by Knoxville, Tenn., native and social entrepreneur, Kim Wood—created the emoji sticker app for Legacy Parks. Smallball Media itself is doing its part to support the East Tennesseeregion by returning its net profits to other nonprofit organizations in the region.

“Legacy Parks Foundation is a wonderful asset and helps to promote and showcase the natural beauty of our region to the world,” noted Kim Wood, founder of Smallball. “Organizations and brands are now faced with the challenge of reaching diverse audiences across various platforms, apps and social mediums. Sticker packs and emojis aren’t just fun, they can be leveraged as a powerful tool that can be integrated into an overall marketing strategy.”

The Legacy Parks Foundation emoji sticker app allows the foundation to take advantage of the growing market for unique communication tools which can be used to build connection and community among users with shared passions and interests.

“You can support our local parks by sharing our branded stickers,” said Evans. “Simply search ‘Legacy Parks emojis’ on the Apple App Store to start sharing.”

About Legacy Parks

Legacy Parks Foundation is an East Tennessee nonprofit that works to conserve our natural resources, create public places, and connect communities. The goal is to ensure that the region enjoys exceptional recreational opportunities and natural beauty and that these assets exist for generations to come. To date, Legacy Parks has raised more than $8 million, added 500 plus acres of parkland for Knox County, and helped conserve 1,000 acres of natural space in East Tennessee.

About Smallball Media

Our name comes from the baseball term “small ball”—a strategy used to score runs in a smooth, deliberate way. At Smallball, we created a platform that helps marketers apply the same concept to their brand. We create custom digital sticker packs and emojis for brands, non-profits, political campaigns and any organization that wishes to tap into the power of peer-to-peer sharing and visual communication. Utilizing messaging platforms, users can download branded sticker packs and emojis that augment other marketing efforts and can be a powerful asset to help you advance your brand and tell new stories. Headquartered in Knoxville, Tenn., Smallball returns 100% of net profits to nonprofit organizations serving the East Tennessee region.

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