Three Mobile Marketing Predictions for 2018

If customers made one thing clear in 2017, it’s that mobile is everything. It’s how they read the news, how they connect with friends, how they learn about new products and how they engage with brands. This shouldn’t come as any surprise to marketers, but according to Entrepreneur, 71% of total minutes spent online in 2017 came from mobile devices. Mobile is where your customers are, and it’s critical for brands to develop a meaningful presence to stay relevant in today’s mobile-first world. With brands taking note of the importance of mobile in the new year, we expect 2018 to bring about more creativity and innovation in the space than ever before. Here are three mobile marketing predictions to watch for:

More Brands Entering Mobile Messaging

Messaging accounts for the majority of smartphone usage, making it a great platform for brands interested in entering the space. As consumers are downloading fewer company apps, brands are turning to messaging to engage with users on their mobile devices. Dubbed the “portal to mobile” by TechCrunch, “[messaging] apps are where consumers spend most of their time on mobile, making them a potential jumping off point for additional services” (TechCrunch).

Rather than viewing messaging as an advertising outlet, brands should focus on creating messaging apps that provide customers with value. With many marketers developing branded sticker packs and emoji keyboards in 2017, we expect more brands to take note of the trend as an opportunity for building brand awareness and engagement.

Brands Will Tap Into Mobile Messaging Pay

Mobile payments are having a moment, and there’s no sign of the trend slowing down. In 2017, Apple, Venmo and Paypal, among others, developed apps that let smartphone users send and request payments straight from their messaging apps. Mobile payment apps were quickly adopted by consumers, so we anticipate more ecommerce brands to leverage the trend in 2018 as a way to improve the purchasing process and better engage with mobile shoppers.

Mobile-First Content

Whether you’re posting on social media, sharing a video, sending an email or building a website, your brand’s content should be designed for consumption on mobile devices. With mobile leading the way in internet use among consumers, marketers should prioritize their brands’s mobile experience over desktop. For a website, think a rich mobile design and an emphasis on speed. Not only will this keep users returning to your mobile site, it will increase your ranking in Google’s search engine results page. We expect the majority of B2C brands will make the shift to mobile-first content in 2018.

Are you looking for a better way to reach your consumers through mobile marketing in the new year? At Smallball, we develop turnkey solutions to help brands boost their mobile marketing efforts by leveraging the messaging space. With messaging apps expected to grow in 2018, there’s no better time to bring your brand into the conversation. Contact us to learn more about how our custom branded sticker packs and emoji keyboards can help your brand reach its marketing goals in the new year.

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