Dozens of New Emoji Now Available from Apple

Emoji lovers, rejoice! Apple released iOS 11.1, and along with bug fixes to the operating system, the update gives iPhone users access to dozens of new emoji. With the addition of new food items, expressions, animals and magical characters, there’s little that can’t be said with the tiny digital icons. Emoji and stickers are quickly eliminating the need for words in messaging, and we’re totally okay with that.

Apple’s new emoji cover a range of themes to help users express themselves in new ways. To give you a better idea of the new emoji that are now available at your fingertips, we’re sharing some of our favorites from each category.


Whether you’re suggesting a dinner spot or telling your friend what you ate for lunch, food emoji are useful for everyday messaging. The new food items include pie, a pretzel, a takeout box, a sandwich, broccoli, dumplings and more.

New Emoji Food Items


Typically the most popular type of emoji, the facial expressions illustrate feelings and reactions better than words. With the new iOS update, Apple released a suspicious expression, a mind-blown reaction and a crazy face, just to name a few.

New Emoji Faces from Apple


Adding to the large library of animal emoji, users can share a giraffe, a hedgehog, a zebra, and most importantly, a T-Rex.

New Emoji Animals from Apple

Other Honorable Mentions

Sure, these might not be the most practical emoji, but we’re sure excited about these new additions. 

New Emoji from Apple

As emoji and stickers increase in popularity, brands need to find a way to leverage the trend in their marketing strategy. The use of messaging apps is growing, and custom stickers can share your brand’s story with your audience in an intimate space. Contact Smallball to learn how branded stickers can work for your business. 

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