Digital Word of Mouth

April 19, 2018

While you can't buy positive word of mouth, you can encourage it in the messaging space using branded stickers and emoji keyboards.

Over the past several decades, the buyer’s journey has gone from being a simple process to a very complicated series of decisions and pathways. In order to counter this, the current marketing trend is for brands to provide as many […]

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Tips for Digital Event Marketing

April 13, 2018

This festival season, make your event stand out with digital event marketing!

Warmer weather, rainy days and music festivals — spring is in the air! From Coachella to foodie festivals across the country, Americans spend millions of dollars each year attending cultural and musical events. As festival sponsors and hosts have come […]

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AI in Messaging Apps: What You Need to Know

March 30, 2018

Learn how artificial intelligence is transforming messaging apps.

Artificial Intelligence. Marketing’s latest buzzword has been top-of-mind for brands across industries as of late. Media publications, food and beverage companies, realtors, tech giants, hospitals and even universities have been feverishly trying to integrate AI into their marketing strategies. While […]

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