The Future of Emojis

March 28, 2018

Learn how advancements in technology are shaping the future of emojis and branded stickers.

The way we express ourselves is evolving. We live in an era where you can have 3D animated emojis of either yourself or a classic emoji character. It used to take Hollywood hundreds of thousands of dollars to create a […]

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RCS: Unifying Messages, Unifying Friends

March 15, 2018

Learn how RCS will bring standardization to messaging platforms.

With so many different mobile devices, operating systems and applications available for messaging today, it can be a challenge to determine which combination of phone, OS and messaging app to use. It used to be that simple SMS (text) messages […]

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Influencers: Go Big, or Go Small?

March 1, 2018

Learn why smaller influencers can help your brand achieve its marketing goals.

Almost every year blog articles pop up announcing that “social media influencers” are the wave of the future. It has been said that an endorsement from one of these social savants will drive thousands – if not millions – of […]

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Download: Tips for Promoting Your Sticker Pack

February 28, 2018

Smallball's guide to branded stickers

Launching a new sticker pack is the first step in building a meaningful community around your brand. Next, it’s important to develop a plan for promoting your sticker pack. After your app hits the App Store, you should have a […]

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