Three Ways Brands Can Promote Their Sticker Packs

It’s clear that sticker packs are a great way of building brand awareness and engaging with your customers, but what’s not always so clear is how to promote your new stickers. Newer businesses in particular don’t yet have loyal brand ambassadors ready to amplify their efforts. Use these tips for leveraging your new sticker packs by fully integrating them into your marketing strategy.

Get social

Social media is a great opportunity to generate buzz for your new sticker packs. It’s important to outline your campaign with clear goals and objectives. What message do you want to get across? Resist the temptation to just “market” your sticker packs to your followers and instead talk about ways they’ll enjoy using them. Consider live broadcasts for Q&As about your sticker packs, short videos or even open up a contest where followers can submit designs for your next sticker. Boosting posts and launching ads can help get your brand in front of more customers who may not otherwise engage.

  • Set clear goals and key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Tailor your messaging to the platform you’re using. How you describe your product on Pinterest may differ from how you would on Twitter.
  • Stick to your budget
  • Routinely monitor content and answer questions
  • Think outside of the box when promoting your stickers by considering contests and live video

Start writing

There may be no better way to share the benefits of sticker packs than with blog writing. Beyond providing a longer-form outlet for explaining their benefits, blogging helps strengthen brand awareness for the long-term. By using keywords, meta descriptions, headings, sub-headings and links, you’re improving your search engine optimization (SEO). That means your content can be found by readers long after it’s been posted. Blogs are also great content for social media and will help drive traffic to your website.

  • Get your audience’s attention with a catchy headline
  • Be consistent with your posting schedule
  • Optimize your blogs for SEO
  • Be sure to include a call-to-action (CTA)
  • Think about blog length
  • Photos help tell your story, include them when you can

Update your website

Your website is where customers will find the most information about your sticker packs so you’ll need it optimized for the extra traffic. You want information on your stickers to fit in nicely with navigating and the overall user experience. Heat mapping and A/B testing are great ways to see how your site visitors are engaging with your site. This important piece of the puzzle shouldn’t be an afterthought. Beef up your website with high-quality videos and photos to help show your new sticker packs in action.

  • Be sure your website is optimized for mobile
  • Be sure your website can handle the extra traffic
  • Always include high-quality videos and photography to help explain the benefit of sticker packs

Get the best return on your investment by promoting your latest and greatest sticker packs through the often overlooked strategies in this blog—social media promotions, blogging and website content updates.

At Smallball, we have a team of sticker pack pros ready to design, build and launch your company’s personalized stickers. If you’re ready to take your marketing to the next step, we’d love to talk. Reach out to us today!

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