How to Reach Your Customers with Sticker Packs This Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of the year again: grocery stores have stocked up on red roses, social media feeds are filled with gift guides and restaurants are rolling out overpriced pre-set menus for the coveted Valentine’s Day date night. February 14 is just as big of a deal for marketers as it is for the couples vying to impress their significant other.

With so many brands competing to win over customers on Valentine’s Day, how does your brand break through the clutter? Before adding to the collection of red and pink emails filling your customers’ inboxes, give them something they’ll actually use. Branded sticker packs will help your company enter the meaningful conversations happening this Valentine’s Day in a fun and engaging way. Here are three ways sticker packs will help your brand make its way into your customers’ hearts:

Give them a way to drop a subtle hint:

Do you sell customer products? Create a branded sticker pack with your best Valentine’s Day gift ideas. Your fans can use the stickers to share their wish list with their sweetheart.

How your brand can use sticker packs this Valentine's Day

Promote a Valentine’s Day event:

If you’re hosting an event on February 14, a sticker pack will give your brand a unique promotional opportunity in the mobile messaging space. Customers can use your event stickers to invite prospective valentines on a date to celebrate the big day.

Use sticker packs for Valentine's Day event invitations

Help them express their love:

Valentine’s Day cards are so 2010. Sticker packs will help your customers express their love while putting your brand into the conversation.

use sticker packs to give your customers digital valentine's day cards


With branded sticker packs and emoji keyboards, your brand can stand out in the crowded marketplace. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, a campaign drive, a new product or a nonprofit event, Smallball’s custom solutions will help your business engage with customers in a meaningful way. Contact us today to learn more!

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