Use Case: Sticker Packs and Emoji Keyboards for Event Marketing

In a recent blog post, we shared tips for digital event marketing and the vital role it plays in the success of an event. From driving ticket sales and finding sponsors to increasing awareness and differentiation in the marketplace, the benefits can be monumental.

Social media is often the go-to digital strategy for event marketing, but many brands are missing out on an extraordinary opportunity to reach their audience in the mobile messaging space. Customers’ buying habits are changing, and it’s up to brands to evolve to meet the demands of their target audience.

How can event marketers leverage the power of mobile messaging apps for their events? Emoji keyboards and branded sticker packs generate buzz fin ways that social media often falls short — they offer brands an opportunity to build a community of loyal attendees who are willing (and eager) to promote the event among their friends and family. Not only is this method free, it can be far more powerful in influencing purchasing decisions.

Mobile messaging tools like sticker packs and emoji keyboards can drive successful business results for companies across industries, but they’re particularly successful in event marketing. Whether you’re promoting an upcoming concert, music or food festival, rally, sporting event or product launch, sticker packs and emoji keyboards will help your brand leverage word-of-mouth marketing in an impactful way.

Get the Word Out

Spread the news about your upcoming concert or festival with a sticker pack that’s unique to your event. The stickers can include event logos, artist illustrations, location-specific designs and other graphics that you and attendees can share as you spread the word about your event. Link your sticker pack app with the event’s press release to make it immediately available for festival-goers. As attendees begin to purchase tickets, they’ll have a fun way to share their excitement with friends and on social platforms.

Generate Excitement

With so many concerts and festivals happening in the spring and summertime, keep your event top of mind by sharing frequent updates. In addition to social media efforts, tease your event and release details using mobile messaging tools. Throughout the course of your event promotion, an emoji keyboard can be updated with graphics showcasing artists in the festival lineup, ticket sale dates and more. By providing your audience with new tools to talk about your event, you’re helping them keep the conversation going among their network.

Encourage Sharing

To ensure the success of your event in subsequent years, user-generated content is crucial. Potential attendees will rely on the images and testimonials of others when determining whether or not to attend your event in the future. Branded stickers can be applied to images when shared in messages, allowing your audience to add a branded touch to their memories. To incentivize guests to use your event’s sticker pack, offer incentives for using them in messages and on social media — who doesn’t love free food or drinks?

At Smallball, we’ll partner with your brand to develop a sticker pack or emoji keyboard that will add a new layer to your event marketing. Your community of fans already exists, and our mobile messaging tools will help you tap into the powerful word-of-mouth marketing. Contact us today to learn more!

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