FAQs: Everything You Need to Know About Sticker Packs

Has the recent buzz around sticker packs sparked your interest? You’re not alone. With messaging platforms like iMessage, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger dominating smartphone usage, marketers are scrambling to find ways to tap into the space. For an impactful, turnkey solution, brands are turning to sticker pack apps to extend their marketing strategy into the messaging space.

Whether you’re interested in using messages to increase awareness for your brand, promote a campaign in a new way or delight your fans, a sticker app might be exactly what you need to successfully break into messaging.

Are you ready to start seeing the results of a thoughtful, innovative approach to mobile marketing? From top-level information to the technical details, we’re answering everything you need to know about the popular new messaging tool.

Let’s start from the top. What is a sticker pack?

Sticker packs are a collection of emoticon images that smartphone users can share in their messages. Brands can design their own stickers and package them into an app that’s available in the App store.

Who uses sticker packs?

Nonprofit organizations, big brands, small businesses, sports teams, colleges, clubs, politicians and anyone with a desire to connect with customers in a meaningful way can can benefit from a sticker app.

Do stickers work on social media?

Stickers can be shared on any social channel that allows pasting. Using the keyboard extension built into social platforms, just copy a sticker and paste it into your post.

Let’s talk about metrics. How will I know if people are actually using my stickers?

Sticker usage can be tracked within your sticker pack app. A specific tracking code will be attached to each sticker that will show you when (and how often) each sticker is used. If certain stickers aren’t performing as well as you hoped, you can update your pack by releasing a new version of the app.

Can I add links to stickers?

If your goal is website traffic, you can add a link to make your sticker clickable after it’s sent in a message.

How do I make my own stickers?

Brands can either design their stickers in-house or work with digital messaging experts to develop custom branded stickers.

Do the apps work on iOS or Android?

You can create sticker pack apps for both operating systems.

Can I integrate a sticker pack into my brand’s existing app?

Integrating your sticker pack within an existing app is possible, but not recommended. A standalone iMessage app gives you search visibility within the iMessage App Store and makes it more convenient for customers to download your app while in the platform.

How do I release a new sticker pack?

If you have a new campaign, product or you just want a fresh set of stickers, you can create a new sticker pack that will be released in your existing app.

At Smallball Media, we’re experts at developing successful sticker pack apps. We have experience helping brands design and launch apps that connect and engage with customers in the messaging space. Are you interested in learning more? We’d love to help you find a solution for you company.

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