How to Use Stickers on iOS 10

Still haven’t downloaded the iOS 11 software update for your iPhone and want to start using your new sticker pack? Fear not! If your phone is running on iOS 10, there are a few simple steps needed to add sticker packs to your Messages app. We’ll walk you through the process to have you sharing stickers with your friends in no time.

Step One

Open a conversation in the Messages app and click the App Store icon above your keyboard.

Step Two

Tap the Store (plus sign) icon in the top left corner of the menu bar to be directed to the App Store.

Step Three

Click the search icon to find your favorite sticker pack app.

Step Four

Tap the “Get” button to begin downloading the app.

Step Five

Navigate to the “Manage” tab in the App Store. Make sure “Automatically Add Apps” and your new sticker app are turned on.

Step Six

Head to the Messages app, select the sticker app icon and begin sharing stickers to your heart’s content.

Branded stickers are an easy-to-use tool that make messages more fun, meaningful and engaging. Are you interested in learning more about how stickers can work for your business? Contact Smallball to learn more.

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