How to Use Stickers on iOS 11

Apple’s latest operating system, iOS 11, makes it easier than ever for iPhone users to share stickers from their favorite brands. With the redesigned app drawer located in iMessage, texters can access the App Store, GIFs or any other messaging app without having to leave their conversation. After downloading an iMessage app (e.g. sticker apps and emoji keyboards), an icon for the app will appear in the app drawer.

Are you new to sticker packs? Here’s a quick guide for sharing branded stickers in your iMessages on iOS 11.

Step One

If you haven’t already, start by downloading a sticker pack in the App Store.

Step Two

Next, open the messaging app and create a new conversation.

Step Three

Select the App Store symbol next to the messaging bar to open the app drawer.

tips for using stickers in messages on Apple's iOS 11

Step Four

Swipe left on the app drawer until you find the icon for the sticker pack you want to use.

Step Five

Select the sticker that you want to send, then touch and hold to drag it into the message bubble or into your conversation.

Step Six

Tap the blue arrow in the messaging bubble, and boom! You just sent your very first sticker.

tips for using stickers in messages on Apple's iOS 11

With thousands of apps available, iMessages have never been better. Branded sticker packs and emoji keyboards give smartphone users the ability to enhance their conversations, making for better, more meaningful messages. Is your brand looking for a way to break into the messaging space? Contact Smallball to learn more about our custom, turnkey sticker packs!

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