Surprising Messaging Stats and Facts

It’s no secret that messaging apps are changing the way we communicate. Social media has evolved from a place to connect with close friends and family to full-fledged media empires. That small community you enjoyed on Facebook in 2009 may now be a little too crowded. Want more proof? Word on the street is that Facebook is planning an actual city next to headquarters, complete with housing and a supermarket. Messaging platforms, like Apple’s iMessage and WeChat, have provided outlets for everyone from millennials to baby boomers to connect with their inner circles – including brands. As marketers, you have to be where your customers are and these messaging stats prove they’re flocking to the platform in droves.

Messaging apps now have 20% more monthly active users than social media. (Source: Business Insider)

No surprise here. We’re way past the point of just having conversations with people. Today’s messaging is all about offering services and content, such as sharing stickers, purchasing a movie ticket or scheduling an appointment.

200,000 – The number of iMessages sent every second. (Source: DMR

We’re learning how to say more with less. One of the greatest benefits of texting is that it’s so easy. No stepping out of the meeting room to take a call or sharing the day’s top story for everybody around you to hear. The introduction of emoji, hashtags and stickers have allowed us to further cut down on conversation time by expressing emotion quickly and easily.

There are more than 1,251 sticker pack apps available in iMessage. (Source: TechCrunch)

And that figure is growing. Apple’s iMessage is looking to take messaging apps like WeChat, Viber and Snapchat head on. Opening up the messaging app to developers was a huge step in that direction. Another added benefit of setting up shop in iMessage is that there’s a big first-to-market opportunity. Sure, over 1,200 sticker packs is a big number, but with the sheer amount of users clamoring for iPhones, there’s plenty of room for engaging with customers and building valuable experiences before your competition can.

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