Tap-to-Engage: How We Create Unique Digital Experiences

Chris Hill

We now live in the Experience Economy where consumers increasingly prefer to spend their money on building memories rather than purchasing products. In fact, a recent McKinsey consumer survey revealed, “the average millennial outspends the average Gen Xer and baby boomer on entertainment-and fitness-related memberships.”

Dining, traveling, luxury hotels, concerts, wellness, are just some of the popular categories driving this trend. Some brands are naturally better positioned to serve their customers in this new economy.  For example; within the entertainment industry, theme parks offer fans the ability to interact with their favorite characters and franchises in full-scale, immersive settings.

As brands continue to expand their experiential offerings much room exists to develop a digital counterpart to either stand alone or enhance these in-person experiences.

According to eMarketer, “US adults will spend an average of 3 hours, 35 minutes per day on mobile devices in 2018.” Given these statistics, mobile messaging offers a great platform for brands to build their digital experiences.

At Smallball, we help brands create unique digital experiences. For example, in our recent collaboration with the Discovery Channel, we were charged with finding a new way to engage their younger viewers.  The solution was to give their fans a means of interacting with the show, the result of which was the development of custom branded emojis and stickers for use across mobile messaging.

Gold Rush Custom Emoji & Sticker Pack


To deliver this experience for Discovery’s fans we leveraged several elements of proprietary technology.


Tap-to-Link transforms a regular emoji or sticker into a vehicle to drive online interactions by linking to web pages, videos, products, and more. For Discovery, it was important to drive traffic back to the Gold Rush landing page so viewers can get more information about the show.  To achieve this, we embedded our “Tap-to-Link” technology into one of the emoji stickers.

Push Notifications     

Push notifications alert your fans when new sticker updates are available or notify them to other important promotional messages.  In working with Discovery, we developed a series of custom

notifications and synchronized them to complement the overall marketing plan.

Analytics     Analytics

By providing actionable insights into download rates, individual sticker usage, and CRM integration, our analytics helps our brands better understand and serve their fans and communities. Most recently, our analytics revealed which stickers were being used most by Discovery’s Gold Rush fans and led to additional ideas and enhancements to their sticker pack.


At Smallball, we believe in helping brands build their communities through “digital word-of-mouth marketing.” In practice, this means creating customized digital experiences where fans and customers can interact with their favorite brands in fun and meaningful ways. We are all members of the Experience Economy so let’s get out there and build some great memories.

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