Three Ways Images Make Mobile Messages More Powerful

 Words in the hand of a skillful writer can be a powerful tool. Unfortunately, not all of us are wordsmiths, nor do we have the time to fully express our thoughts or feelings in a single text message.

For that reason, many of us rely on visual tools  (e.g., emoticons, emojis, memes and digital stickers) to help add context, tone and emotions to a conversation. While there are many ways images can be used to enhance mobile messages, here are three ways images can make your conversations more powerful:

Providing Context

Have you ever received a text message like this?

Stickers provide context in messages

If you have, you’ve probably been filled with a sudden sense of dread… especially if it came from your boss or significant other. Without context, our minds jump to the worst possible conclusion.

But what if you receive this message?

using stickers in messages provides context

Or this one?

benefits of using stickers in messages

With the simple inclusion of an emoji, the whole context of the conversation has shifted from, “I need to have a serious conversation with you,” to, “I need to talk with you because I love you,” or, “I need to talk because I have good news.”

Setting the Tone

Images can also help us set the tone for a conversation. For instance, IF I TYPE IN ALL CAPS, YOU IMMEDIATELY THINK I’M YELLING. Or if I use a lot of exclamation points at the end of my sentence, you will think I’m pretty pumped to be typing this blog!!!!!! Similarly, including an accompanying sticker or emoji can help you set the tone for a message.

Reacting With Feeling

One of the great things about stickers and emojis is that they cut down on the words needed to get your point across. Let’s say you have a friend who texts you and invites you to go out for Chinese food.

how using stickers helps you show feeling in messages

If you’re excited to join, you could respond with this:

how using stickers helps you show feeling in messages

Or if you despise Chinese food, you could respond with this:

how using stickers helps you show feeling in messages

Your friend will understand how you feel about it pretty quickly. If you really want to go the extra mile, you could express your feelings with a GIF.

Whether you’re expressing a reaction, setting the tone for a conversation or want to add context in your response, emojis, stickers and GIFs enhance the conversations that take place on mobile devices. At Smallball, we help brands create custom stickers and emojis for their fans. If you’re interested in learning more, please fill out the form below or contact us today!

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