Tips for Digital Event Marketing

Warmer weather, rainy days and music festivals — spring is in the air! From Coachella to foodie festivals across the country, Americans spend millions of dollars each year attending cultural and musical events. As festival sponsors and hosts have come to know, it’s challenging to stand out in the event space. With elaborate experiential activations and A-list performer lineups now the norm, brands must find other ways to increase tickets sales and draw a crowd. Enter: digital event marketing.

With the majority of festival-goers falling in the sought-after millennial cohort, it’s essential to develop a strategic digital event marketing strategy to get attendees interested in your event. Whether you’re new to event marketing or you’re looking for more effective ways to reach your audience this festival season, we’re sharing digital marketing strategies that will prepare your brand for success.

Get Social

Social media’s reach and younger-skewing audience makes it an ideal channel for engaging with your target audience before and after your event. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram should be used in tandem to reach different users in ways that are unique to each platform.

Before: According to Buffer, “nearly as many people are talking about an event before the event as they are during.” For this reason, it’s important to start the conversation several months before your event to begin building anticipation. To stay relevant in your customers’ feeds, post a steady stream of information and updates leading up to the event. Date and location announcements and teaser lineups will get your audience hyped well before tickets even go on sale.

During the ticket promotion stage, use social media platforms to drive sales through paid campaigns and organic posts. Widen your reach on social media by leveraging your performers and sponsors and encouraging them to promote the event from their on accounts.

During: Spreading content from your event while it’s happening allows your brand to engage with attendees and pique the interest of would-be festival goers. Create photo opportunities throughout your event that will encourage attendees to share content to their own platforms. Photo booths and gorgeous backdrops are Instagram gold for millennial audiences, and nothing causes FOMO like seeing photos of the fun your friends are having without you.

Make it Sticky

While social media is effective at reaching a large audience, mobile messaging app use has officially surpassed social media use (Business Insider). On top of that, social media lacks the personal characteristics that one-to-one messaging offers. If you’re looking for a new way to promote your event this year, sticker packs and emoji keyboards might be the ticket.

Before: Let your customers begin building excitement about your event for you. A sticker pack or emoji keyboard gives your audience an interactive way to start talking about your event and spreading the word among their friends. When you hear about an upcoming event from a brand, you might be curious to learn more. But when a friend tells you about a festival they’re going to, you’re far more likely to check it out.

If you’re selling tickets to your event, consider using stickers that contain a link to purchase tickets. Smartphone users can tap the sticker in a message and be immediately directed to a website to make a purchase.

DuringWhile your event is happening, stickers offer many fun and practical applications for attendees. Brands can create custom stickers that feature different points of attraction throughout the festival footprint to give attendees a way to describe their location and find their friends. With stickers and branded emojis unique to your event, your audience can share their experiences and spread the word outside of the festival walls.

Are you ready to launch a winning digital event marketing strategy? At Smallball, we help brands in the event marketing industry develop custom branded stickers and emoji keyboards to increase ticket sales and reach new customers in mobile messaging apps. Contact us today to learn more!

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