Use Case: Sticker Packs and Emoji Keyboards for Food and Beverage Brands

Are you looking for an interesting way to make your food or beverage brand stand out in the crowded marketplace? Whether you’re a marketer for a fast-food restaurant, soda company, snack bar brand or upscale eatery, sticker packs and emoji keyboards can be thoughtfully integrated into your larger marketing strategy. Brands like Chick-fil-A, Thomas Bagels, KFC and Starbucks have already made their debut in the messaging space, and customers have been eating it up.

Launching a sticker pack or emoji keyboard in the app store is the easy part. What’s not always simple is selecting creative designs that will actually stick with your customers. It’s great to have beautiful images of your brand or products, but if the stickers aren’t created strategically with your audience in mind, the apps will go unused.

So, how do you determine whether your stickers will be a hit or wind up collecting virtual dust in your customers’ smartphones? When brands work with us, they have the option to submit their own designs or collaborate with our team of designers to create eye-catching designs.

Before launching your sticker pack, it’s important to develop an intimate knowledge of your audience. Tap into your customers’ interests to ideate the kinds of stickers they would actually use in conversations with their friends. What do they like about your brand? Are there certain phrases they like to use? What are their interests? What are your most popular products?

After you’ve nailed down your audience, start to think about designs that will resonate with them. To help you get started, here are six ways to use stickers for food and beverage brands.

Let them say it with stickers. Develop stickers around common text message responses to give your customers a way to share your brand in their everyday conversations.

Learn about how food and beverage brands can use stickers and emoji keyboards.

Put your product into a sticker that describes a mood or feeling. This gives customers a way to express themselves with their favorite brand.

Branded stickers for food and beverage brands can be used to share feelings and emotions.

Pay homage to your top products. You’ll never go wrong creating a sticker around your most popular menu items.

Using branded stickers, your food and beverage brand can pay homage to top products.

Create stickers using phrases and sayings that are popular among your audience.

Branded stickers allow your brand to tap into trending phrases.

Make your brand timely by creating stickers around pop culture events.
Branded stickers will help your brand enter the conversation around pop culture events.
Offering your customers stickers related to things they like to do will increase the chances that your design will end up in their friends’ inboxes.

Branded stickers will help your brand increase awareness among target consumers.

At Smallball, we know what it takes to launch successful sticker packs and emoji keyboards for food and beverage brands. Whether you want to develop your own graphics or work with our designers, we’re here to help. Contact us to learn more!

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