Digital News for Week of Jan 8

January 11, 2018

Your roundup of digital and tech news.

This week, we’re focusing on mobility as we discuss why fitness trackers could be the perfect answer to your New Year’s resolution, taking a look at Toyota’s city of the future and the Facebook feature that is moving on after […]

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December 5, 2017

Smallball's guide to branded stickers

Do you ever feel like it’s impossible to keep up with the latest news happening in the digital world? With updates to social media platforms occurring virtually daily and the ongoing development of tools that change the way consumers communicate, […]

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Ten Tech Gifts for Everyone on Your Holiday List

November 30, 2017

ideas for holiday tech gifts to satisfy everyone on your list

Has the inevitable panic of realizing that we’re approaching December and you haven’t even started holiday shopping started to sink in? While there are many things to love about this time of the year (e.g., sugar cookies, classic films and […]

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Dozens of New Emoji Now Available from Apple

November 7, 2017

Woman sending message with new emoji from Apple

Emoji lovers, rejoice! Apple released iOS 11.1, and along with bug fixes to the operating system, the update gives iPhone users access to dozens of new emoji. With the addition of new food items, expressions, animals and magical characters, there’s […]

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iOS 11 and What it Means for Messages

October 5, 2017

Following the exciting debut of Apple’s new iPhone 8 and iPhone X, the tech giant announced a less-shiny update—its latest operating system. iOS 11, dubbed by Apple as a “giant step for iPhone,” features an array of changes that will […]

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