Can I use emojis in social feeds?

With the keyboard extension built into the platform, you will be able to use your emojis in any social network that allows copy and pasting. Alternatively, users may utilize the linking feature and link to the social networks share URL. This will allow users to share a piece of content from an emoji.


Can I track individual sticker usage?

You can track the usage of individual stickers within your app. A specific tracking code will be attached to each sticker in your pack which will allow you to see when each sticker is used.


Can I link to my website from a specific sticker?

You have the option, for an additional fee, to make an emoji sticker clickable after being sent. This functionality would allow to you to link to your website or specific content on your site.


How long will it take to launch my sticker pack?

After signing up with Smallball, you can expect your app to launch in the App store within two weeks.


Can I release an Android sticker pack?

Yes! You can release an Android messaging app with similar functionality to the iOS app.


Can I animate my stickers?

Yes! Both the Plus and Premium packages allow for up to 2 animated emojis. Your in-house team can provide the assets or allow our dedicated design team to animate your graphics.


Can I integrate my sticker pack with my existing app?

Integrating your sticker pack within your existing app is possible, however, not recommended. A standalone iMessage app gives you search visibility within the iMessage App store. It also allows for a dedicated UI that best accommodates iMessage users.


How do I release a new sticker pack?

To release a new sticker pack, contact Smallball.