What is an Emoji?

Emojis are ideograms & smileys and are used to convey emotion and context within a text conversation. You can learn more about Emojis from this blog post and on Wikipedia.


What is a sticker?

Stickers are images normally packaged in a “sticker pack” that can be shared in a mobile messaging conversation using a service like iMessage, GBoard, or WhatsApp. Unlike an emoji, a sticker does not fit in line with text and has to be posted as a separate image.


What is a custom emoji?

A custom emoji is actually a sticker that is designed in a style that is similar to an emoji. Custom emojis cannot be used inline with text like a standard emoji.


How do I download and use a sticker pack?

To download a sticker pack and for other how-to instructions on managing a sticker pack, follow this link.


What are messaging applications? 

Messaging applications allow for a peer to peer message to be sent on a software platform. Examples of private messaging platforms include iMessage, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, WhatsApp, Line, Viber, and Telegram.


Can I use stickers on social media networks?

Every social media network has different permissions, but our sticker pack will work anywhere you can paste an image into your post. This currently includes Facebook, Twitter, and many more messaging apps.


Can I track individual sticker usage?

You can track the usage of individual stickers within your app. You can track individual sticker usage down to the day and time it was used.


Can I link to my website from a specific sticker?

With Tap-to-Link, you can make your stickers link to any website you want. You can even use tracking links or UTM codes to make sure that users are going where you want them to go.


How long will it take to launch my sticker pack?

After signing up with Smallball, it only takes 2-3 weeks to go from development to launching your sticker pack in the Apple App and Google Play stores.


Can I release an Android sticker pack?

Yes! Our development process includes an Android Sticker Pack along with an Apple Sticker Pack.


Can I animate my stickers?

Absolutely! Our application supports GIF or APNG format. Your in-house team can provide the assets or allow our dedicated design team to animate your graphics.


Can I integrate my sticker pack with my existing app?

Integrating your sticker pack within your existing app is possible, however, not recommended. A standalone iMessage app gives you search visibility within the iMessage App store. It also allows for a dedicated UI that best accommodates iMessage users.


How do I release a new sticker pack?

After developing the sticker pack with Smallball, we will take care of releasing the sticker pack for you on the appropriate platforms.