Building Trust and Brand Advocates

Chris Hill

Influencer Graphic

As this graphic by Marketoonist shows, no matter where you look in social media, you can find someone “faking it.” Whether it’s faking their “fabulous life” or that all-important endorsement on Instagram. Our country is full of false reports, and cries of “fake news.” These days, “fake” is real and it’s everywhere you look.

This makes our roles as marketers difficult. In a world where there is so much that is “fake” and many are looking to influence a consumer’s decisions, how do you produce an experience that is real and authentic?Simply put, it’s best done by building trust with your audience and trusting them to be advocates for your brand. Here are three ways you can help build trust and brand advocates:

Blog … Consistently

Perhaps the simplest way to build trust with your audience is to write a blog. That said, it’s not enough to just post once in a blue moon or when your company has a new product announcement. You must be consistent with it. Newcomers to your brand will end up on your website, and they need to see blog content that is relevant and recent. This doesn’t mean you have to do it daily or even weekly, but writing even once a month will keep you in front of customers and help to build trust with your audience.


Whether you decide to create your own or advertise with an existing show, podcasts are a great way to develop trust with your customers and develop brand advocates. Podcasting is by its very nature “opt-in” content, meaning that the audience has to choose to listen to the episode and subscribe.

The interesting thing about this medium is the relationship and engagement that occurs between the host and the listener. Listeners trust the host, and are more likely to listen to the advertisements and even make purchase decisions based on the products that are promoted on the show. In fact, a recent Nielsen study reported that 69% of podcast listeners agreed that podcast ads made them aware of new products and services. If you haven’t considered podcasting as an option for your marketing plan, it’s definitely worth taking a look at how it can help your brand.

Custom Emojis and Stickers Packs

Brand advocates naturally want to promote your brand. By giving them a tool they can use to do that, you’re enabling them to promote your brand even when you’re not posting to social media or writing the next blog post. If you work hard to build trust through activities like blogging, podcasting, and positive customer service, you will naturally obtain brand advocates. Stickers allow you to engage those advocates and allow them to insert your brand into their everyday conversations. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you create your own custom emojis and sticker packs, you can contact us here.

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